Retirement Program

While most of the costs associated with the dogs are covered while they are working, there is ZERO funding available after the dogs retire. This presents a unique situation in which the handler becomes responsible for 100% of the costs of an aging K9. It is one of our top priorities to see that these dogs are cared for appropriately and in a way that doesn't cause hardship for their handlers. Annual costs for a retired K9 dog often exceed $2,000, excluding any vet bills beyond routine check-ups or the cost to board the dog should the handler have to go out of town.  It is an honor to care for the animals that have served us.
A special thank you to our generous partners at Lake Norman Animal Hospital for making the vet and medication components of this program possible!
Program Benefits:
-100% of feed costs covered
-50% cost coverage for annual vet visits
-Heartworm & flea/tick medication covered
In-Progress Program Goals
-Currently working on a fundraising campaign to cover the difference for vet bills that the handlers would otherwise be responsible for.
-Currently working to extend retirement program benefits to previously retired K9s from Mooresville Police Department

Equipment Program

K9 dogs are almost always working for and with public agencies. In an environment where tax dollars are scarce, it can be difficult for K9 units to purchase all of the equipment they need beyond the basics. That's where Sheldon's K9s is proud to help. We offer the option for agencies to submit a purchase request to buy equipment beyond what their agency provides. 

Since inception in June 2019, Sheldon's K9s has purchased over $12,500 of equipment for the Mooresville Police Department K9 unit. We will continue to work with MPD and surrounding agencies to provide additional equipment as needed.

Are you an agency or individual looking to make an equipment request?